Square Seat Cushion – Custom Cut Outdoor Foam Inserts

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Outdoor Foam – Cut to Custom Sizes

Key Points:

*Made in the USA

*Ships to the USA AND CANADA (Duty Fees Are Not Included)

*Any Order Over $300 Ships FREE in the USA

*All Packages are Insured

*Flat Rate Shipping of $30 for East Coast – $40 for Central – $45 for West Coast – $55 for Canada

*Orders Take About 1 – 2 Weeks to Process

*LET’S GET THIS DONE! Out of town? Send to a neighbor, friend, relative or perhaps your work.

Outdoor Couch or Chair – Seat Cushions

This foam is your long-lasting solution for your seating on your patio, deck, boat, porch; you name it! Its large pores make it leaker than your kitchen colander, allowing it to shed any water quickly. This quick drainage not only maximizes the life of the cushion but your couch or chair and the fabric that’s on it by reducing the chance of mildew. And with three firmnesses to choose from, you can have a perfect feeling cushion for your favorite outdoor place.


The Solution

Your furniture carries a lot of memories for you, whether it is a family heirloom or your college couch where you spend your precious free time. Furniture is supposed to stick with you in your life’s journey. Nowadays, though, we are taught to throw away our furniture as soon as the cushions start to fade, which is far from cost-effective and very wasteful. Besides the seat cushions, your couch frame and material would have lasted for years to come. So instead of throwing out your furniture, you can save money and keep good furniture out of the landfill by simply replacing your seat cushion foam. 


How to Measure for New Foam Inserts

Replacing your seat cushions is as simple as measuring the cushion cover seam to seam and adding an inch to those measurements; that’s it! Plus, we have a diagram to show where to measure.


Foam Life-Spans

This foam is engineered to last, with a proprietary formula that makes it durable enough the hold up to long-term exposure to the sun and bad weather. And this foam is tough enough to handle most cleaning agents and solvents, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning. And with the built-in fungicidal additive mildew on cushions will be a thing of the past. So no more ugly mildew stains on your couch or chair.


Our Mission

We want everyone to be well informed about all the options they have at their disposal. When giving individuals the solutions available to them to solve their homeowner problems, our goal is the help you keep your outdoor couch or chair in good shape and out of the landfill. 


Outdoor Foam Options:


Outdoor Foam for Couch or Chair Cushions - Patio Boat Deck Furniture Tapered CushionOutdoor Foam for Couch Cushions - Patio Boat Deck Furniture L-CushionOutdoor Foam for Chair Cushions - Patio Boat Deck Furniture T-Cushion


Terms and conditions:
New Poly Foam Inserts. The firmness selected for the foam by the client is aided on suggestions given by us and are not a guarantee of how it will feel. All custom foam is nonrefundable. No guarantees or promises are made. If you have a problem with your order, please contact us at [email protected]

Additional information

Foam Compression (firmness)

Soft, Medium, Firm

Attached Dacron Wrap

With Dacron, Without Dacron

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