You Provide the Size, We Cut it, Wrap it, and Deliver it Straight to Your Door Ready to be Put into Your Covers

Why You're Here

If you spent any time on the internet looking for replacement foam for your seat cushions then you have most likely have been confused and frustrated! And rightly so, foam companies aren’t focusing on YOU the consumer, they are focusing on their product. With their focus on the product, they leave you guessing which insert is best for your needs, while using terms like ILDHD1.8 LB/ft3 density, and LUX. With this approach, you are just as likely to buy the same poor-quality foam you already have, putting you in an uncomfortable position in just a couple years from now. Read Further and Find Out Why…


Why Your Cushions Didn't Last

Cushions used to last forever! At least it felt that way. They were made from natural foam rubber, which held its shape for a minimum of 10 – 15 years before decomposing into sand (the filler that was used back in the day). Then there was a shift to poly-based foam, which did not decompose into sand and lasted just as long. When this happened furniture companies realized they could save money and keep their customers coming back. How?… By continually lowering the density or quality of the foam they used. Industry standards dropped because of this, allowing companies to offer foam that would only last 2 – 3 years. Here’s the GOOD NEWS, you can return to the quality of the past and no longer worry about your furniture losing its comfort for years to come!  LET’S GET STARTED…

What You Can Do About It Now

Over the years, as a small family-owned and run upholstery shop, we have replaced thousands of seat cushions. In that time, we have perfected simple and time tested way of replacing foam inserts for the best fit possible. We also sourced the best quality foam that we could get. We shared what we learned on YouTube to help homeowners like yourself keep their furniture by replacing worn-out seat cushions. What we didn’t expect was the sheer lack of high-quality foam available to the public and how confusing it was to buy. So, in response to hundreds of questions and requests for foam, we made this website with YOU THE CONSUMER IN MIND!

How Our Simple Method Works

Our method works like this:

Measure Your Seat Cushion Covers Seam to Seam

Add an Additional Inch to All Your Measurements

And Order… That’s It!


We’ll Cut It, Wrap it, and Ship it Out to Your Door.

When it Arrive Take it Out of the Vacuum Bag, Let it Breath for 30 minutes and Put it into Your Covers

Now Enjoy the Look and Feel of Your Furniture Again!

What's So Special About Our Foam

  • High-Quality 26 Density Foam
  • Our Foam is CertiPUR-US
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • FREE Pre-Attached Dacron Wrap
  • 4 Interest-Free Installment Payment Plan (At Checkout)
  • Ready to Use When It Arrives
  • Free Shipping With Orders Over $300
  • Live Chat With Grant for Help
  • Plus Tutorial Videos
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