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Support / Refund Policy

Email: [email protected]

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Phone Number: 240-472-8496  Hours 10am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time

TEXT FOR A CALL BACK: 240-472-8496

Refund and Delivery Policy:

New Poly Foam Inserts. The firmness selected for the foam by the client is aided on suggestions given by us and are not a guarantee of how it will feel. All custom foam is nonrefundable. No guarantees or promises are made. If you have a problem with your order, please contact us at [email protected]

Q: How many bags of shredded foam will I need for my project.

A: Usual 1 bag for each back cushions

Q: I received one bag of Shredded Foam when I ordered 2 or more?

A: For orders with two or more bags of shredded foam we will combine them into one larger bag to save on plastic

Q: What would you suggest for back cushions.

A: You have two options. One, add more of the current fill to your cushions. Or two, replace the current fill with shredded foam.

Q: How to use the shredded foam.

A: Lay down a tarp or old blanket that will catch all the loose foam pieces. Then open the side with the larger stitching. Add fill to each compartment until full. Then hand stitch the insert closed.

Q: What is the correct compression or density for back cushions?

A: For back cushions you need a softer insert then for seat cushions. You can cut down your own inserts at 18 density 20 compression with a slab. Or you could order a seat cushion at 18 density 35 compression. You’ll need to add the notation: “these are for back cushions and we need a 20 compression cushion”

Q: How soft is 26 compression?

A: 26 Compression is not as supportive as a 35 compression it allows you to sink midway or more into the cushion.

Q: How firm is 35 compression and is it comfortable?

A: 35 compression is a nice middle ground of comfort and support. It’s what we generally recommend.

Q: How hard or firm is 45 compression?

A: The best way to describe it is with the 45 compression you will be sitting more on top of your cushion than sinking into it.

Q: What compression do you suggest?

A1: I usually recommend a 35 compression it is a great middle ground. It is supportive yet comfortable


A2: We actually have a video on the compression and their differences. You can check it out in the photo gallery of the product or at our YouTube Channel How Foam Compression Works

Q: How to check on the status of my order?

A: Please contact us through live chat or phone call to check on your order’s status

Q: What is the T-depth measurement

A: It is the small section of the cushion that goes in front of the arm. You can see it in the Diagram on the product page.

Q: What is the turnaround time for orders?

A: It usually takes 1-2 weeks