How to Slipcover a Parsons Chair – Full Course


3+ Hour Full-Length Tutorial


  • Minimal Editing – This Allows You to Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Broken-down into to Digest Parts
  • Upholstery Measuring Chart – Keep Your Measurements All in One Place for Quick Reference
  • Reupholstering/Slipcover Yardage and Pricing Chart – This Shows You Not Only How Many Yards You’ll Need But Also How Much Money You’re Saving Or Making!

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This is our full-length tutorial for slipcovering a parsons chair from start to finish. It jammed pack with tips and technics that can be applied to many different slipcover applications, not just a parsons chair. This is an 3+ hours long video.

My Dad and I poured a lot of time and effort into making these in-depth and educational videos for you. When making these videos, we strived to fit the needs of someone just starting out. Whether that is you who’s just looking for a worthwhile career, a side hustle, or a means to start and finish that project that you’ve been threatening to do. Our aim in these videos is to give you the skills that you will need to fulfill your goal! To do this we made the videos as in-depth and naturally paced as possible, filling them with techniques, which you can apply to other projects. We’re here to breakdown, not water-down our methods that took years to learn so that you have the know-how and confidence to take on any project that comes your way.

And we still have fun while doing it!

Here are a few highlights of what we will show you how to do:

  • Fitting Fabric to Parsons Chair
  • Pattern Placement
  • Tuck-in Area for Upholstered Look
  • Skirt Height
  • Trimming Slipcover
  • Marking For Skirts
  • Lay Out Skirt Panel
  • Cutting Down Skirt Panels
  • Cutting Down Skirt Liner
  • Assembling Skirts and Sewing Them
  • Sewing the Slipcover Body
  • And Much More…