UNITERS Leather Care Kit – 2 Pack Leather Cleaner and Protection Cream for Furniture 5oz

This leather cleaner is fast, easy, and simple to use

Prevent cracks, peeling, discoloration, and other signs of stress

Water-based leather care products

Suitable for all aniline and pigmented leather products



UNITERS Leather Care Kit – 2 Pack Leather Cleaner and Protection Cream for Furniture 5oz

High quality leather should last for a lifetime.

But why is it that some leather products still end up looking worn and beaten after just a year of use? It’s not like they’re made of cheap faux leather – no, the problem actually lies in how they’re treated.

Let’s be clear, you can’t really keep leather ‘safe’. People will spill drinks on your sofa, and jackets are constantly exposed to the elements. Proper care and maintenance will prevent these issues and avoid lasting damage.

Preserve your leather belongings with the Leather Care Kit by UNITERS!

Featuring two of our best-selling products, this leather care kit gives you all you need to protect your leather items from everyday wear and tear. Use it on anything made with aniline or pigmented leather – purses, saddles, couches, baseball gloves, and knife sheaths are just a few examples.

Get rid of dirt and stains with the Leather Cleaner! Its powerful cleansing properties can remove even dark blemishes from wine or coffee, leaving your leather spotless again. Then use our Protection Cream to give your leather an invisible, breathable barrier, keeping it safe from oil, water, or alcohol-based stains.

What else makes our leather care kit special?

  • Both products are water-based, ozone friendly and phosphate-free
  • Contains no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)
  •  Uses recyclable containers and recycled materials
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