Square Seat Cushion – Custom Cut 26 Density Foam Insert

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High-Quality Foam – Cut to Custom Sizes

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26 Density Seat Cushions

Your living room is only as good as the cushions you enjoy your time on. Think about how often you find yourself lounging around on your favorite sofa or chair, sinking in after a long day’s work! And all the memories you have with family and friends there as well. With a lot of more memories to come! Especially when a sofa should give you about 20 – 25 years of use. And in all frankness, well within that time frame, your cushions take a lot of abuse! Kids jumping up and down on them, or that time you were sick and spent a whole week squirming around on the sofa. That holiday where the whole family (all 26) piled on and around the sofa for that last photo. Your cushions are troopers, however, after a while, they start showing signs of wear and tear. Nowadays, that time when your cushions decide to throw in the towel is happening sooner then it should. Furniture manufacturers are using inferior foam in their furniture, which cuts cost for them and cuts the memories short for you. Replacing your foam is not an easy task though if you are not forewarned about the pitfalls of some foam suppliers. Foam is based on a density system which means the density of the foam is measured, and that measurement denotes the quality. The higher the density, the higher the quality of the foam and the longer it will last. This foam, in particular, is 26 density (also known as 2.6), which is on the higher end when it comes to quality. To put that in perspective the industry standard is 18 (also known as 1.8), which will not hold up nearly as long. Not knowing this, many people have changed their cushions just to find themselves in the same shoes a short while later. In contrast, this foam is higher in density so it will be able to take all the abuse that we all dish out to our cushions. This means more memories and a longer-lasting sofa, chair, or whatever parking spot you claim as yours!

Terms and conditions:
New Poly Foam Inserts. The firmness selected for the foam by the client is aided on suggestions given by us and are not a guarantee of how it will feel. All custom foam is nonrefundable. No guarantees or promises are made. If you have a problem with your order, please contact us at [email protected]
Ultra Foam is warranted to the original purchaser that it will give standard service in normal furniture and bedding applications. This warranty is for 10 years from the date of purchase. It will be necessary to submit your original document at the time a claim is initiated. Contact UCSolutions, at [email protected] if you would like to file a claim. This warranty may not be altered in any way. Warranty limited to replacements only of Ultra Foam.

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