Premium Back Cushion Fill – Double Shredded Foam


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One Bag Will Fill an Average Back Cushion

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Back cushions are a continuous problem for the majority of furniture owners. They either do not provide enough support or the cushions cave in every time you sit back. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. Most back cushions have one of two fills. One of these fills being feathers that have been used since the being of furnishing itself. The other is Poly Fill, which is the cheaper option that replaced feathers. What are the pros and cons of these two fills? Feather cushions offer a plush and comfy feel though, over time they degrade and the inner cover which houses the feathers will evitably start breaking down as well. This allows the feathers to start poking through your cushion covers. Plus, feathers are expensive, so when they do degrade and you need to add more to refresh the cushion to its former glory, it will be costly. Polyfill is far less expensive, however finding a quality polyfill that is plush and doesn’t clump together is difficult. And polyfill similar to feathers does not provide much pushback, so after years of use, polyfill will clump and compress together leading to the cushions looking sloppy and caved in. What makes our Double Shredded Foam So Different from FeathersPolyfill, and other Chopped Foam on the Market


Why Use Our Finely Double Shredded Foam?


  • One Bag Will Fill an Average Back Cushion


  • Shredded Foam Will Fit Any Back Cushion Shape


  • It Provides Ample Support Over Feather and Poly Fill


  • It is Less Expensive Than Feather and Outlasts Both Feathers and Poly Fill


  • Our Foam is Shredded Twice and NOT Chopped. So, You Won’t Have a Lumpy Uncomfortable Feeling Cushion