1″ Thickness x 54″ Wide Poly Dacron Batting 22 Yd Roll Long


High-Quality 1″ Poly Batting

Key Points:

*Ships Only to the Lower 48 States

*Any Order Over $300 Ships FREE

*Flat Rate Shipping of $20 for Eastcoast – $30 for Central – $35 for Westcoast

*Orders Take About Two Weeks to Process

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1″ Thick Poly batting is essential for wrapping cushions and gives them that nice plush look and feel. Unfortunately, poly batting at an inch thick is hard to find on the internet. And anything of lesser thickness just won’t cut it for wrapping cushions. Though you can use multiple layers of a thinner poly batting, this can prove to be a chore to do. This poly batting is of high quality and the one that we have continually used for years in our business.

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